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Littleborough is a great place to live and a real community. We believe that a major part of this is that we share the same values- even if they don't talk about them.

Values can be categorised under Human Rights, which some of our schools use - with the caveat that you can't accept your Rights without supporting the Rights of others - Responsibility, another version is that of the Forum for Human Values where Respect is the key- for Yourself, Others, the Community and the World, and the current Government agenda of Respect - to follow the law.

In Rochdale surely values should be those of the co-operative Society -
  • Self Help- help each other whilst helping themselves by working together
  • Self Responsibility - act responsibly and take a full part in the organisation
  • Democracy- members have control over the organisation
  • Equality- equal rights and benefits according to their contributions
  • Equity- just and fair treatment
  • Solidarity- support each other
These are non- political and fit with the declared values of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties- all who hold seats in Rochdale. They underpin the Big Society and the previous Governments Community Cohesion agenda. It is also non-denominational and gives a platform for sharing faith rather than being prescriptive. On an academic note it supports Social Capital- bridging and bonding values and Sense of Place and Belonging.

To bring a sense of unity to all our organisations in Littleborough it would be good to share this way of thinking so that they can see how we are like minded and how much we have in common. By doing this it strengthens the effectiveness of those values and allows us all to see we are working to a common purpose. We are taking part in our community and are rightly proud.

Another key to this idea would then to be to talk to all the groups and help them see where they complement each other and where they perhaps overlap, and perhaps hear where there are gaps in what we would like our community to be.

A significant part of this community is the children and young people. It would be good to talk to all the schools and to work with them to see how we might all work together more closely for mutual benefit- how might the History discoveries at HareHill house benefit their curriculum and bring alive that study? how might the Business group support Enterprise in schools through providing knowledge and experience? how might U3A groups share their interests? How might the children and young people support older people to be more skilled with computers? or where there are school gardens spread that, to take on Littleborough in Bloom and perhaps some extra growing spaces in Littleborough?

This exploration of where they live would bring Children and Young People richer experiences and memories as they grow older and hopefully a will to recreate that in the future, it would allow their parents to be aware of and support those activities and be more engaged in the community and older people to share their experiences.

The key to this way of working is also excellent communication, which I feel is missing in some areas of our activities, so that only those that know someone in an organisation or are computer literate are aware of the rich life that there is in Littleborough.