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Butterworth Hall
News about Butterworth Hall
Annual Report 2008 - 2009
Bookings continued to increase during the year and we were happy to welcome the New Life Church on Sunday mornings and the Bee Happy parents and toddlers group which has replaced the previous Thursday morning infants session.

The Horticultural Society held its Summer show at the hall but decided to change to another venue for 2009 as we couldn't accommodate their requirements.

We continue to accept bookings for one-off private functions.

The well attended Christmas shows organised by Beryl Doggett earned 650 for the hall's funds.

The rotten front doors have been replaced and we are investigating the upgrading of the heating system in the hall which can be cold during the Winter months.
Annual Report 2009 -2010
Butterworth Hall applied for 4000 from the Borough of Rochdale Fund, which was awarded in full. This money was spent on additional radiators for the hall, ceiling fans in the hall to redistribute the heat and improved control systems for the boiler, hot water circulation system and the kitchen boiler.

In addition we applied for 13828 from the Pennines Township emergency fund. This was to cover a new energy efficient heating boiler and domestic hot water heaters, security railings at the back of the building and cavity wall insulation. We were awarded 9146 which will cover the railings and cavity wall insulation in the next financial year (July 2010 - June 2011).

Usage of the hall continues to increase with a Yoga group planned to start up in August and a young peoples' dance class.

The year end financial position was much improved over previous years.
Annual Report 2010 - 2011
The security railings have been installed and vandalism has been reduced.

Bookings continue to increase and our financial position continues to improve.

Welcome to Lisa Jayne's Dance Academy on Thursday evenings.
2012 Developments
A piece of ground at the back of the building was stripped of grass and a wild flower meadow sown. This produced a colourful, insect friendly display of cornflowers, corn marigolds, borage daisies and others.

The quiet August period was utilised to renew some electrical work and decorate the hall, lounge and corridor.